National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) for Students
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NSLDS is a repository of information from many sources. Changes to the data are made by those sources. Collecting the data into one central location such as NSLDS gives you convenience and saves you time. If for any reason you disagree with the information reported to NSLDS, please contact one or more of the sources of your data listed on the detail pages on this site. The Department is also available as a resource at 1-800-4FEDAID if you need additional assistance. Your comments and corrections will help improve the services NSLDS provides.
Warning: Touring Exit Counseling does not fulfill Exit Counseling Requirement.

You must identify the school(s) you are exiting which triggered the requirement to conduct this Exit Counseling session. A single Exit Counseling session can meet the requirement for exiting multiple schools.

The list of schools is prepopulated based on loan data in NSLDS. Schools are listed by school name, location name and OPEID. OPEID is a unique numeric code assigned by the U.S. Department of Education to a school location. OPEID is included in the name to help you identify your school in case name is not sufficient.

You may need to correct the list. To delete from the list, select school(s) and click on the Remove button. To add a school, you must first display a list of possible schools based on the physical location of your school. After displaying this list, you may select school(s) and click on the Add button to include those schools in your list of schools.

Note: If you need to change your school list after completing this page, you will need to re-start Exit Counseling from the "Welcome to Exit Counseling" page. Clicking on Exit Counseling in the menu bar will take you there.


Highlight school(s) and press Add button to include in Exiting Schools List


Information contained on these pages reflects the most current data in the NSLDS database. The data contained on this site is for general information purposes and should not be used to determine eligibility, loan payoffs, overpayment status, or tax reporting. Please consult the Financial Aid Officer at your school or the specific holder of your debts for further information.

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