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Personal Identification Number (PIN)

What is a PIN?
The PIN is a personal identifier that gives you the ability to enter the NSLDS Student Access web site, as well as other U.S. Department of Education web sites It is similar to a bank’s PIN, and it should be kept secure and private.

How do I get a PIN?
You can request a PIN at the PIN web site

What if I forget my PIN?
You can get a copy of your PIN or a new PIN at the PIN web site

Can my PIN be changed?
Yes. It is highly recommended that you request to change your PIN, if you think it is not secure or has been compromised.

Is my PIN for the NSLDS Student Access web site the same as my PIN for the FAFSA web site?
Yes. Your PIN can be used on the FAFSA web site as well as on the NSLDS Student Access web site.

What happens if I enter my PIN and other identifiers and no data appears?
If you have received Title IV loans and/or grants, there can be several reasons that no data appears. It takes your loan holder 30 to 45 days to get the information into NSLDS. If more than 60 days have passed since you received your loan, contact the school's financial aid office that processed your loan. They can tell you why your loan or grant has not been reported to NSLDS.

Also, make sure that your Social Security number, birth date, and first two letters of your last name that you entered match your financial aid records. You can check with the school to see if an error was made in the processing of your loan information.

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