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Official 3-Year Cohort Default Rate Search
for Postsecondary Schools
Fiscal Years 2010, 2009

Note: These rates are accurate only as of September 23, 2013.

You can search for an individual school by OPE-ID number (first six digits) if you know it.


You may also search for a school by name and/or address. You may use a percent sign (%) as a wild card character. For example, a search for University of M% returns University of Montavello and other schools with similar text in the name:


Note that searching by the above criteria alone could generate a tremendous list. As such, you may do well to limit your search by filling in additional fields below.

Show only schools in the following categories:

Type of Institution:
Type of Academic Program:
Eligibility Status*:


Last updated September 23, 2013

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